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About us

_MG_6220Saveria was born in Casarano, in the heart of Salento, in 1972. After graduating and taking a degree in management engineering at Milano’s Polytechnic, she firstly worked in the sector of telecommunications and then in high quality cosmetics. Afterwards, she moved to Palermo where she started working in the field of luxury tourism, selecting for the foreign market high level villas and services in Apulia. In 2012 LOVESALENTO came into being and derived from her love for Salento, from her wish to let people know this magic land and live it as a “salentino”, a local person; it represents an adventure where she involves the best energies of the territory with the support of her husband Pietro who, despite coming from Palermo, has become an exceptional Salento Lover.


IMG_1163Mario (1978) took a degree in philosophy in Florence and got his PhD at the University of Salento, where he collaborates with the chair of history of philosophy. Since 2004 he has dedicated most of his research and publications to the great philosopher from Salento, Giulio Cesare Vanini (1585-1619). In the meantime he has gathered a long experience in events organization, above all cultural events, and has worked together with several and important public bodies and individuals. He knows Salento like the back of his hand.



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